A history of modern philosophy – M. Fazio & D. Gamarra


"A History of Modern Philosophy," previously published in Italian and in Spanish, is now available in English from Scepter Publishers.

Western civilization as we know it today was formed during the Modern Era, the centuries that include the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and saw the rise of Rationalism and Empiricism. And the thinkers who defined these centuries, such as Descartes, Bacon, Pascal, Hobbes, Hume and Kant, have given form to our collective consciousness today.

The History of Modern Philosophy provides a comprehensive overview of the major philosophers and philosophical currents of this period. Authors Fazio and Gamarra, drawing on many years of university teaching, have produced a clear and approachable text that presents modern philosophy through its historical development. This work will appeal to non-specialist readers who wish to deepen their understanding of the cultural and philosophical roots of our time.